We are pleased to offer school programs for Calgary’s children and youth in our state-of-the-art tennis centre. ¬†We offer both in-school gymnasium & tennis centre school programs and we can tailor our offerings to suit your school’s needs.

For more information on our school program contact our General Manager, Danny Da Costa at: ddacosta@albertatenniscentre.ca


Bringing tennis to your school has many proven benefits for both teachers and students.


  • Supports the delivery of a Quality Physical Education Program
  • Meets Provincial Physical Education learning outcomes
  • Supports the development of physical literacy through fundamental movement skills related to the sport of tennis
  • Provides a developmental approach to teaching tennis related skills with developmentally appropriate equipment
  • Offers variation and adaptations to allow for unique teaching and learning contexts while meeting all students’ needs and abilities
  • Allows for flexibility in order to accommodate large or small groups


  • Provides access to an activity that can be played throughout a studen’s educational progression and lifetime
  • Allows for easy set-up and instruction in all school environments and facilities
  • Promotes developmentally appropriate learning activities for all students in an inclusive setting
  • Supports the delivery of a Quality Physical Education program
  • Offers an inexpensive tool for teaching curricular learning activities
  • Creates stronger links and an avenue to community recreation associations and Provincial Tennis Associations in order to increase student participation in tennis beyond the school setting.
  • Offers equipment that can be used across a wide range of grade levels (Grades 1 – 8)


  • Facilitates participation in physical activity through meaningful opportunities to develop fundamental movement skills (i.e., overarm throw, catch, run, sidearm strike)
  • Provides a means where students can maintain and improve health-related and performance-related fitness components (i.e, agility, speed, coordination)
  • Introduces an avenue to life-long participation in teh sport of tennis that will extend beyond the school environment
  • Helps foster student cooperation and team building skills
  • Supports a gender inclusive and culturally diverse environment
  • Provides fun and exciting activities that encourage a physically active lifestyle

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